Lost or Forgotten Passwords

Should you forget or lose any of your passwords for services provided by us, you can change them from your Domain Control Panel. If you are unable to access your Domain Control Panel, you can use the forgotten password link from the Domain Control Panel login page to have your password changed.

If you have lost or forgotten you domain password (this is probably different to your Domain Control Panel password), please contact us so that we can have your username and a password reset sent to the registered domain Admin or Owner by email.

However, please note that this process will require you to set a new password instead of retrieving the existing password.

Your Domain or Web Control Panel

Your Web or Advanced Domain Control Panel (provided with our Email Hostingcan be accessed using http://cp.yourdomain.com or https://ssl.extendcp.co.uk

This provides access to your email forwarding and web redirect for our free Control Panel access and with our Advanced Domain Control Panel this includes extras such as mailbox settings, email spam filter settings, email autoresponders, WebMail access, etc.

You can also change your passwords directly from the Control Panel.

Domain DNS Changes

You can change your domain’s DNS settings for things like A, CNAME and MX records should you want to use your domain with third party services as well as with your account with us.

The Domain Name System, or DNS, is the means by which computers connected to the Internet get information about each other. The individual pieces of information are known as records; each record is of a certain type. Computers look up records for a domain by asking the name server for the domain about the records relevant to that domain.

IP addresses are the numbers which identify computers to each other.