Domain Registration FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I register a domain with you and use it with my existing ISP or web hosting provider?
A: Yes, you have the option of using our free web and email forwarding with domains registered with us, or you can use the domain with your existing ISP or web hosting provider. To do this, you must obtain the DNS Nameserver Addresses and supply these when you register your domain. We make no extra charges to set your domain up on another ISP or Provider’s servers, but they may charge you for using your domain with them.

Q: I notice that you are in the UK. Do I have to be a UK resident to register a domain with you?
A: You don’t have to be a UK resident to register domains with us, and we welcome domains orders from any country. However, we only currently register the domains shown on our website and cannot register country specific suffixes (i.e. .au, .fr, .jp, etc.). If you require a country specific domain other than .uk, please contact a local ISP or Provider for this type of registration.

Q: I already have a domain. Can I transfer it to your servers for use with your free web and email forwarding?
A: Yes, simply go to our order page and you can add this as an existing domain.

Q: I would like to order a domain now but I won’t be using it yet. Can you hold my domain without setting up email and web forwarding?
A: Yes, we can create a holding page for your domain and we can hold your domain for you for as long as you wish at no extra charge.

Q: What are the differences between framed forwarding, non-framed forwarding, a domain holding page, and which one should I have?
A: When you register a domain with us, we can set-up your domain on our servers with any of the three options above, free of charge. This will allow you to use your domain if you don’t already have an ISP or web hosting provider to use your domain with.

These are the main differences:

Framed Forwarding: Your domain name will be set-up so that when you or someone else enters your domain name in a web browser, it will display your domain name in the browser’s URL or Address bar and load in your existing website (i.e. www.my-freespace.myisp.com) within a hidden frame. Your domain will remain visible as the web address even if a link on your website takes you to a different web address or website. This can be annoying for many people as it will prevent the real web address from appearing in the browser’s URL or Address bar when viewing a different website or URL within your own website.

Non-Framed Forwarding: This will allow you or anyone else to enter your domain name into a web browser and the browser will automatically forward and switch to your existing website (i.e. www.my-freespace.myisp.com). Your domain name will not appear in the browser’s URL or Address bar, but display your existing website address instead. This will allow you to give out your domain web address, but allow the browser to load pages and fully display web addresses without being locked into a restrictive frame page.

Domain Holding Page: When your domain name is entered into a web browser it will load up a single web ‘holding’ page informing the visitor that your domain has been registered. The web holding pages do not forward onto another web address, but merely inform visitors that your domain has been registered. Your domain will be displayed in the browser’s URL or Address bar. This option is useful if you register a domain but are not yet ready to use your domain for a website.

Q: Do you offer a web hosting service for use with my domain?
A: This is an optional service. Please go to our web hosting site at for details, or you can order web hosting from our domain order page when registering your domain.

Q: Can I use my domain with my existing email addresses and accounts and how does this work?
A: Yes, we offer free email forwarding with all domains on our system. Email forwarding works by seamlessly ‘forwarding’ emails sent to your domain directly onto any valid email address. For instance, you register yourdomain.com and you would like the email address admin@yourdomain.com to forward onto your free email at user@gmail.com, or have email sent to fredbloggs@yourdomain.com automatically and seamlessly forward onto user@freeisp.com.

The sender of the email won’t know it’s going to your free or ISP email since it will be sent to anyuser@yourdomain.com. If required, you can then setup your email software with multiple accounts and enter anyuser@yourdomain.com as the sender’s email address so that emails and replies will show to have come from your domain. Please refer to our support page to setup your free email forwarding addresses. If your Domain Control Panel offers this, you can also create and edit web and email forwarding from there.

Q: Which characters can I have in my domain and how short or long can my domain be?
A: Domains can only contain letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and hyphens (-), but the domain must not start or end with a hyphen, or contain more than one hyphen joined together, i.e. my–domain.com would be invalid. Domains must be a minimum of 3 characters and no more than 63 characters in total.

Please contact us should you have any questions or issues not addressed on our website and we will respond promptly to your queries.