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Advanced Control Panel

Add or renew an Advanced Domain Control Panel for Email Hosting (details):

Existing Domain?

If you are adding an existing domain for use with our free Domain Control Panel, a small one-time fee is required. Please see here for details:

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Add or renew Domain WHOIS Privacy? Please see important details here.

Domain Mapping

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Add Web Hosting?

Web hosting (our Basic plan) can be added to a new or existing domain name – cannot be used to renew existing hosting. To renew existing web hosting or see the full range of our web hosting plans click or tap here:

Web Hosting Server

By default your web hosting will be set-up on one of our Linux servers, but you can choose a Windows server (details) if required:

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Use an Existing Domain | Return

You may use an existing domain with our service but there is a one-time set up fee of £10.00 to add and use an existing domain with our system. This will include our free web and email forwarding as shown above.

However, if you order a service when adding your domain (i.e. our Advanced Domain Control Panel, Email Hosting or Web Hosting) this fee is not required.

To use your existing domain with our system you will need to contact the existing provider or domain Registry and ask them to have the DNS name server details changed to ours as follows:

If using a .uk domain with us, you may need to provide the Nominet IPS Tag we use, which is TUCOWS-CA (must be given in upper case as shown).
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Domain Optional Extras | Return

Domain Extras may be added to your domain name as shown below.

Our domain registration service provides you with free web and email forwarding as standard. However, for a low price of just £19.95 per year we can set up your domain with Email Hosting (Advanced Domain Control Panel).

This will allow you to create (up to 50) POP/IMAP email addresses, auto-responders, email forwarding and Junk Mail Filtering, complete with Outgoing SMTP Server Access via your Domain Control Panel.

Also included is full POP/IMAP access via WebMail allowing email access from any web browser for every address on the domain.

For domain mapping, please include in the Order Notes box the domain to be mapped to, i.e. map to

Please note that the Email Hosting (Advanced Control Panel / Email Hosting) and Domain Mapping charges are non-refundable, and these can only be used if your domain is being used on our DNS system.