Domain Transfers

Domain Transfers | Use an Existing Domain or Transfer to Your Domain Another Provider

Use an Existing Domain

You may use an existing domain with our domain service but there is a one-time set-up fee of £10.00. This will include our free web and email forwarding for as long as the domain remains on our system.

To use your domain with our system you will need to contact the existing provider or domain Registry and ask them to have the DNS name server details changed to ours as follows:

Transferring a domain to us (.uk domains)

If using a .uk (.uk,,, domain with us, you may need to provide the Nominet IPS Tag we use, which is TUCOWS-CA (must be given in upper case as shown).

Transferring a domain to us (non-UK domains)

To use your existing domain with us you can use the above method to have your domain’s DNS servers changed to ours. If you would rather have your entire domain account transferred away from the existing Registry to us, you will need to contact us and ask us to initiate the domain transfer request to our system.

When this transfer is requested, the existing domain registrant must be able to receive and authorise the transfer as explained in the transfer authorisation email sent to the registrant. This is normally the registered domain Owner or Admin.

Please note that when a domain account is transferred to us, this will will be deemed by our domain Registry as an additional 1 year domain renewal for which you will be charged at the domain prices shown on our prices page.

Transfer a domain to another provider

If you would like to use your domain with another provider you can either have the existing DNS name servers changed to those supplied by the other provider, or you can transfer the domain directly to them.

How you do this depends on the type of domain you are transferring. For .uk domains you would need to request that the Nominet UK Tag be changed to theirs. For non-UK domains you would need to ask us to unlock the domain (which is normal to prevent unauthorised transfer of your domain) so that the domain Admin or Owner can authorise the transfer initiated by the gaining provider.